Laser Technology

Waterlase All Tissue Laser

About Waterlase all-tissue laser from Sci Vision


  • Lasers have an ability to seal blood vessels thereby achieving haemostasis
  • Lasers seal lymphatic vessels, so decrease post surgical swelling
  • They seal nerve fibres thereby reducing operative and post operative pain
  • Reduces mechanical trauma to tissue
  • Less scarring and greater precision because of the mono chromic coherence qualities
  • Reduces bacterical counts thereby promoting predictable healing with minimal post operative inflammation


The Waterlase all-tissue laser combines laser energy with a gentle spray of water to perform a wide range of dental procedures – without the heat, vibration and pressure associated with the conventional dental drill. With many procedures, it's possible to use less anaesthetic, and often no anaesthetic at all. Waterlase dentistry is used for Cavities, Oral Surgery and Mouth Sores, Repair Treatment for Gum Disease and Peri-Implantitis, Endodontic cleaning and disinfection, and being so gentle and precise, it is ideal for Pediatric Dentistry for kids of all ages.  Learn more about Waterlase dentistry.

The EPIC X laser (soft tissue) specialises in providing a more effective and gentle experience in Oral Surgery, Periodontal Treatment and disinfection, Endodontic disinfection as well as excellent Laser Pain Therapy and Laser Teeth Whitening (faster and with less chance of any sensitivity).

Kloof Dentist | Dr J. Francois Coetzee | BIOLASE Dentist

Dr Coetzee is a registered BIOLASE Dentist in Kloof. Using dual-wavelength laser technology, the Waterlase Express and EPIC Diode, Dr Coetzee offers a scientifically advanced alternative to that of traditional dental tools only. Now able to offer more possibilities with more gentle, precise and convenient treatments with his top of the range laser technology especially for dentistry.