Dr J. Francois Coetzee | Bio

BChD (Pret.) Cum Laude, PDD (Stell.)

Philosophy Statement

Dr Coetzee’s philosophy of dentistry:
I endeavour to see each patient as a whole person, not just as a mouth full of teeth or an isolated problem. I find pleasure in establishing overall health, rather than just patching up a problem tooth.
I aim to listen to my patients and try to address their immediate need but always taking the whole mouth and person into consideration thereby offering advice on the establishment of health and longevity rather than always playing catchup.

I hold a postgraduate diploma in aesthetic dentistry ( I could legitimately call myself a cosmetic dentist) but my treatment plans are wholeness, health and function driven, while everything is done in the most aesthetically possible way.


I have 27 years experience in private practice and have done and continue to do numerous hands-on and conference courses improving my knowledge and skills and repertoire of treatment modalities I offer I hold a Bachelors degree in dental surgery from the University of Pretoria that I passed with distinction (cum laude), I was awarded 9 of the 11 gold medals on offer as DUX of my class and was awarded academic honours and a Dean’s recommendation (which is the highest academic award an undergrad student could be awarded.) I did my national military service as a dentist in 1993 and 1994, working in a specialist practice with specialists in every discipline of dentistry, and as such gained very valuable experience in those early years of developing my skills as a newly qualified dentist. 3 years later I completed my Post Graduate Diploma in Aesthetic dentistry at Stellenbosch University again passing with distinction (cum laude). I came to Durban in January 1995 and worked for 18 years in an association with one of Durban’s top dentists the late Dr. Baranyay. I do have confidence in my skills, yet I also know my limitations and have no hesitation to make use of a network of dental specialists to assist in the procedures they are more qualified to deal with, all in the best interest of my patients. But I endeavor to keep track of my patient’s progress so that they never feel that they are sent from pillar to post without someone overseeing the whole process.


Practice Cost Structure

Our practice charges above medical aid rates. We are not directly contracted to any Medical aid, which means that accounts are to be settled directly with us, on the day of treatment and thereafter, you are to submit the statement to your medical aid for reimbursement, according to your specific policy qualifications. We will always attempt to provide each patient with a comprehensive treatment plan prior to commencement, so that you will be able to submit this treatment plan to your medical aid for authorization. That will allow you to know exactly how much they will reimburse you, before you engage in any treatment. If however, you arrive in pain, we will certainly try to address the problem there and then, to ensure that you are made comfortable and leave our rooms pain-free as far as that is possible. In these cases Dr Coetzee will discuss the cost with you at the time of the appointment, which sometimes could feel a bit unprofessional but necessary to keep you as a patient informed and in control at all times.
Consultation costs: Exam with 2 intra oral x-rays and cross infection: R1 331. If Implants are indicated or your wisdom teeth needs extraction, we need to take a 3D Scan which costs R2254, so please bear that in mind.
Once a comprehensive treatment plan has been produced and agreed upon, there will not be any further consultation fees charged at each visit until that plan is completed.