Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry.

The acronym L.A.S.E.R stands for. Light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation.

Many forms of lasers exist, some harmless like a laser pointer, while others can cause instant blindness if it was to shine into your eyes. In my practice I have 2 lasers, a diode 940 nm laser and a Waterlaser. They have numerous applications like any soft tissue surgery, bleaching, depigmentation, biopsies, disinfection, endodontic procedures, promoting healing and so much more. I can also perform some of the minimally invasive treatment modalities on the hard tissue. Lasers has brought a whole new dimension to modern dentistry and I really enjoy using mine to offer another treatment option to my patients.



Tongue and lip frenectomies can be a hindrance in the development of speech and good tooth alignment. A tongue tie could also prevent a baby from being able to latch properly which will, in turn, prevent adequate feeding and potentially result in colic.

Tonque ties can be removed quickly and effectively with a laser in the doctors rooms without needing traumatic and expensive general anesthetic in theatre.


Some people have pigmentated gums which may be considered unaesthetic. Laser treatment offers a very effective way to get rid of the pigmentation and leave your gums pink and natural looking.

It is a simple and amazingly comfortable procedure with no postoperative pain.

Please make use of the opportunity to ask Dr. Coetzee or his staff about depigmentation treatment if you have dark patches on your gums that you would like to do away with.

Before De-pigmentation Laser Treatment

Immediately After De-pigmentation Laser Treatment

5 days post-op De-pigmentation Laser Treatment

Use of laser and composite to create normal size lateral incisors