musgrave dentist scivision Dr J. Francois Coetzee

Sci Vision Medical 

Dr J. Francois Coetzee [ ] is proud to be listed as a member of SciVision who are dedicated to sourcing Innovative Technologies in the Health & Medical Industries. They are a true South African Company specializing in the sale & service of Medical & Dental equipment. SciVision Medical uses world-class brands and continues to

  • add value to the Medical & Dental Industry
  • & be a leader in the provision of Technology to the South African market.

SciVision Medical Aim

Our aim and mission at SciVision Medical is to help our customers FLIE.

     F – Will it be fun?
     L – Can you lead in this arena – with this product, with this training?
     I – Is it inspirational; does it inspire you; can it inspire others?
     E – Educational: Can you treat, educate & add value?

SciVision Medical Mission

SciVision Medical help medical professionals to know what latest technology is available and the public to become aware of alternative advanced treatments with better clinical results. Helping people create a vision for tomorrow that will give them the will to create a better today for themselves.

If you are looking for a Biolase dentist SciVision medical have a very good directory of providers 

They also host a dental video library which can be accessed on this link

SciVision Medical are able to provide ‘turn-key’ projects where they help manage the provision of infrastructure for the establishment of an entire dental clinic. They are able to assist with the design as well as managing essential services integration for the installation of their dental technology.
Their technical and support teams have received advanced training at the international supply factories.
Furthermore, SciVision Medical regularly participates in congresses with CPD accreditation received from the Dental Association. These courses are offered each year for dentists to advance their clinical skills in an exciting way.